Why Thousands Of Windows Users Are Rushing To Get This App Today.

Tech giant Windows are ending their support system for all Windows 7 users next year, meaning millions of computers are at risk of being infected by deadly viruses.

have confirmed they will no longer provide any security updates for Windows users from January 2020. 

According to analytics company, Net Applications, Windows 7 is currently installed on 42.8% of computers worldwide. Meaning the lack of updates and security support will leave millions of home computers vulnerable to hacker attacks and viruses. If you have a Windows operating system can you take that risk? 

Windows themselves have issued a warning stating that anyone using the Windows 7 system from 2020 will be highly susceptible to viruses and other forms of cyber attacks. 

With most of the alternatives, to protect Windows users from these threats, costing $130 or more it has left many people in the dark about what they can do to keep their computer safe. Until now...

How Can I Protect My Windows Computer?

In light of this recent news surrounding the potential danger that millions of Windows users may face, we decided to research the best and most affordable solutions. 

Windows are offering an upgrade but at a cost of $130, it's hard to justify. It has been rumored that the only reason Windows is shutting down their support is so that they can cash in on millions of customers paying the "unavoidable" upgrade fee.

Don't be fooled though there are other applications that can provide the security protection and support you need for a fraction of the cost. 

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After testing numerous applications we found that the Scanguard Security Suite was the best value for money and provided the complete protection your windows computer needs.

The software uses an advanced algorithm to instantly increase the security whilst helping speed up your system. First, it identifies any hidden threats or online tracking cookies. Then it locates redundant files and cached memory, the files that can make your PC run slow.

The software can be used as an alternative for your Antivirus, or an additional layer of security that they believe is more advanced than any Antivirus product out there. Anyone can use it, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

What's even better about it, is that since the news concerning Windows broke, Scanguardare offering their application at an incredibly discounted price of just $2.99! 

In our eyes, this makes it a no brainer and we urge all Windows users to take advantage of this amazing offer and get protected now. 

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